International Logistics Services

PFCEX‘s international logistics network provides customers with global borderless logistics services.


PFCEX is a well-known e-commerce logistics service provider in Vietnam. We has its own international logistics freight inquiry platform, e-commerce storage system, and provides e-commerce logistics support services in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our solution

Reasonable, low cost shipping service

Provide reasonable services that suit product characteristics and cargo volume.

(Package Express, Air Freight, Shipping)

Reasonable, fast air service

Provide reasonable services that suit product characteristics, destination, delivery date, etc.

Perfect assistance system

Employees of PFCEX who are proficient in different languages, business habits, and complex legal regulations in various countries, customs declarations, and logistics status in various countries can organically combine and use international shipments of various countries, and assist customers in international trade.

Enjoy high quality local delivery services

By using PFCEX's logistics network around the world, the goods needed can be delivered on time.