Cash On Delivery

PFCex company offer Global Cash On Delivery ,Local warehousing service delivery, local company collection, we do dollar payment, we have achieved COD Service in Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Malaysia Thailand, Indonesia ,Vietnam ,Philippines Local payment service to your


All payments collected are transfered to your bank account based on the agreed schedule (e.g. 3 times per week, or on Tuesdays etc). You will get all payments identified i.e. the total transfer amount will match the sum of individual payments which are identified by parcel ID and/or your customer ID. This identification is unified for all delivery channels we offer - courier, parcel shops and Vietnam Post. You will have zero unapplied cash, even with the Post.
Cash-on-Delivery across whole service area

Full compliance with current legal requirements - your Customer will get original check and invoice. The invoice may be printed by B2Cpl and may be completely adapted to your online shop - i.e. may have your logo, special text, return policies, promo offers etc. This invoice printing is already included into our delivery tariffs!

Unified CoD commission across the whole delivery area

We offer commissions that are 2-4 times lower than commissions of EMS/Russian Post.

Multiple payment methods

We support CoD (Cash-on-Delivery), Pre-payment (advance payment), Post-payment (bill-me) and Partial payments (e.g. installments).

Invoice scans and originals

We provide your online shop with scans of invoices signed by your Customers. Original invoices may be passed to your storage or may be filed in special archive facility at our warehouse. Our invoice archive facility stores millions of invoices and other original documents that our client companies need to archive for legal, tax and/or accounting reasons. Our storage system is fully indexed and allows to retrieve quickly any particular invoice or other stored document out of millions of documents, and to provide you with the original.